What Is Spinal Manipulation?

Frequently used to treat back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal conditions, spinal manipulation is focused on treating dysfunctional areas in the spine. The primary goals of spinal manipulation are to improve joint mobility and relieve pain by restoring the structural integrity, and initiate the body’s natural healing processes. 

How Is Spinal Manipulation Peformed?

This hands-on manual therapy technique involves a controlled input of force to joints of the spine to release the pressure built up within the joints. When the pressure is released through spinal manipulation, there may be an audible click or pop. This sound isn’t bones “cracking” but pressure releasing from the joints, and this helps restore movement, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function and proprioception – the sense that lets us perceive the location, movement, and action of parts of the body

Is Manipulation Safe?

Spinal manipulation is a safe for most people, including during pregnancy. Some mild effects or soreness may be felt following manipulation, but this should ease within 24-48 hrs. Details about the benefits and side effects will be given, and your permission obtained before any manipulations are. carried out.