Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and pain can present for a variety of reasons. Relying on a strong network of muscles and tendons working together to stabilise the joint during use, any issue to these structures can lead to pain and discomfort. It may be present during everyday tasks such as putting on a coat, lifting arms above the head or even leaning elbows on a desk. Alternatively, more dynamic use of the shoulder may be badly affected such as, throwing a ball, playing tennis, or even running. Pain could be experienced when lying on one side. 

The most common causes of shoulder pain are:

How We Treat

Firstly, the aim is to understand what may be causing the shoulder pain and how that impacts on life. This is done through a detailed case history and lifestyle review. A physical examination of the shoulder will take place, along with examinations of the neck, upper back, spine and pelvis as these can influence the shoulder complex. An explanation of the issue along with treatment options available will then take place. This may include osteopathy, acupuncture, or rehabilitation exercises.

Where treatment is not possible, other options will be discussed and any appropriate referrals may be made with your consent.