Our Practice

MSK pain clinics is a therapist owned private practice that is proud to serve the London community. 

We are dedicated to a hands-on approach when helping people with their pain. Current, evidence based techniques in manual therapy and functional exercise are the foundations from which we practice and each patient is cared for individually by our team. 

Did you know that a number of chronic health conditions are preventable?

Physical and emotional well-being are interdependent and research highlights the need for regular movement (exercise) and balanced nutrition. Stress is on the increase and mental health is being affected. Integrating physical, physiological and psychological services creates a more rounded healthcare service.
Physical therapy combined with exercise provides far better outcomes for musculoskeletal injuries when compared to other treatment approaches. You can call on the expertise of our qualified practitioners who can assess your needs and find the best solutions for you

We understand the connection between physical, physiological and psychological health. This holistic approach incorporates the expertise of osteopaths, physiotherapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, alongside access to psychological support if needed.

Our therapists continually update their skills and exercise methods with the latest research. We understand that every patient’s journey is different and we will do our best to support you on yours. 

We strive to provide a service that you think of first when pain or minor ailments effects your daily living, and excel in providing you with a service that you will not only feel pleased to have found, but one that you’ll be happy to recommend to others. Our success is dependant on your success, so we work hard to help you heal the best way possible.

We help people like you feel better

We will work with you to understand and treat your condition. We provide treatment for general orthopaedic conditions, spinal and limb pain and sports rehabilitation to patients of all ages.
Back Pain
Neck Pain
Hip Pain
Foot Pain
Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain